The Future of Nursing

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Some interesting things about the future of nursing is they are hoping to change with the future of nursing is that they are wanting to make it so that the scope of practice is changed. They want all nurses and doctors to be able to help with whatever they can, and have them able to care for anyone, anywhere. They are also hoping to make it so that people with multiple chronic conditions get the care they deserve with nurses and doctors that can answer any question that they may have.  Their three main key’s that they are using to make things grow and become better for future nurses is;

  1. Advancing Education Transformation
  2. Removing Barriers to Practice and Care
  3. Nursing Leadership

They are focusing on these to try and make it better for the future.

I will utilize the information learned by seeing that things are going to change in the future regardless. There will be technology changes as well as education changes. Nurses are in high demand and they go in waves each year when seeing how few nurses they have. It is something to remember that nursing is a great job and definitely has it’s ups and downs.

The future of nursing is a little worrisome, it could mean even more education or possibly more stress with multiple duties to do. But it is also exciting to see that their is a possibility for continuous growth and also being able to have a lot of chances to show that I can be a good nurse. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here, and I’m excited to know that I’ll be apart of it.


Nursing in the Afghanistan War

Hello again!

This week we learned about nuring in the 21st century. I more specifically looked into the Afghanistan War.  Some interesting things I found out about the Afghanistan war was that the people in Afghanistan mostly ended up having to go to the American nurses and hospitals to get help when injured. They would be turned away from their hospitals, so they came to us for help. The female doctors had to work with the female patients over there, since the only men they were comfortable with touching them was their husband and father. They didn’t have the technology that we have in our hospitals, so it was all new to them. We helped them with things they didn’t have yet over there, and it was very eye opening for the nurses that worked over there since it was a lot of different changes. 

I will utilize this information by seeing that all cultures have different ways of going about things, but at the end of the day everyone needs medical help when needed. But it is always good to know how everyone is different in different countries. It may not be something to deal with all the time, but there could come a time where it can be very useful to be respectful of everyone and their beliefs.

It is cool to see how all these different time periods have grown to how they are now. The medical field has come a long way and it is still growing everyday, and even a couple years ago it was different than it is today.




Nursing in the 1970’s, 80’s, & 90’s

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Some interesting things I’ve learned from this time period was directly from someone who worked and went to school in this time, which is super interesting to hear from the actual point of view of a nurse from there. Once they signed up for school, they were put straight to work in a hospital for 2 weeks before they started lecture at the university. It was an interesting and difficult time for them, since they didn’t have any prior experience, they were just thrown in to the field and they had to learn on the go and fast. During school years they worked 5 hours a week, and on holidays they worked 45 hours a week. A majority of their time was spent working nights as well since they also had to get a certain number of night hours also.

I will utilize this information by seeing that it isn’t as difficult for nurses in school now, since we aren’t just thrown into the field without any knowledge. We atleast have experience before we go in. We will now have to get certain experience hours in the medical field, but it isn’t as vigorous as it was for them. 

This time period was very interesting to learn about, since it wasn’t that long ago for us. It’s slowly started to evolve into how it is now, but things were still very different then and it’s still changing. We are getting closer to now, and it is going to be very cool to see how it all worked out.



Nursing in the 1940’s – 1960’s

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This week we learned about nursing in the wars at this time, more specifically World War ll. It was a very big time for nurses being able to serve in the war and help people see that nurses are an important part of America.  They helped with the funding for nursing schools so that we could get more nurses going through school to be able to become nurses and help in the war.  It was a good time for more nurses to be able to go through school and become nurses.

I will utilize this information by seeing that it was a really hard time for nursing as well as it being a good time for nursing. A lot of the nurses that served in the war did not end up going back to their daily jobs, they had symptoms of PTSD, like the soldiers, after seeing all the things they saw out in the field. They went through a lot and influenced the nursing community greatly by their service.

This time period was very interesting to learn about because nurses were very underestimated in this time, and I think this helped out a lot to help people realize this same thing. Nursing is a great profession and I’m glad that people realized it too.



Nursing in the 1920’s and 1930’s

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This week I learned what a big impact the Great Depression had on nursing. It caused a lot of grief for most nurses, since all of them were looking for jobs within private homes instead of hospitals. The people in the homes could not afford to pay for the nurses out of homes, so a lot of them lost jobs and struggled to find new ones. But the positive of it, it helped a lot of people realize just how important nurses were in the health care community. Because they weren’t able to be around anymore, it helped the government and other people see that nurses were very important to the United States. 

This information will be useful for me because it helped a lot of people realize that nursing is important, and just like any other job at this time, it can have times of struggle also. Nurses were/are very useful in the world, and if it took the market to crash for people to realize it, then in a way it was a good thing. They helped care for a lot of people, and when they no longer could, it helped people see that they weren’t just another useless job. It’s good to keep that in mind while in this field.

This time period for me was very interesting to see how it all played out. The Great Depression was a very bad time, but it was nice to find something good in all the bad. It was super cool to read about, and to see that throughout all these years, nursing just becomes more and more important.




Nursing in the 1900’s to 1919

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This week we learned about nursing in the early 1900’s. Around this time is when World War 1 started, and nurses had the opportunity to go and serve our country by helping our soldiers. They were ranked in it as well, and they helped save many lives. Congress granted access for them to go and serve, as well as other countries chipped in to help us afford to have them our there.  This was a big time for nursing, it is where the world and government realized that they are needed out to help the ones fighting for our country. During this time period, nurses were also able to start getting licensed as nurses, after going through school and being deemed professional nurses. It was a great time for them to help them start to get to where we are now.

I feel like I will utilize this information by keeping it in mind that it was a really big time for nursing. It was when they were all finally able to get licensed instead of just going to a little bit of school, or even none at all. Nursing in the war also had a big impact on nursing and the United States. It helped us get to a good point. It wasn’t to where we are now, but it was a big stepping stone that helped nurses get here.

This time period for me was very interesting to learn about. I didn’t realize that it had been that long since they could get licensed, to me it felt like it was something that happened more recent. I loved learning all this information about how they had such a big impact on the world then, and I can’t wait to learn more.




Nursing in 1880 – 1899


Some interesting things I found out about this time period being studied was that it was definitely the final stepping stone to help out education for nursing. Universities and other colleges were opening up programs to everyone, and there are some that also opened their doors to African American nurses. This was a big time for education, even though it has definitely been revised to how it is now over the years.  The first textbook for nursing was wrote and published in 1885 by Clara S. Weeks Shaw, that was a milestone for nurses everywhere to get the help they needed if they had any questions about certain topics.

To me this information will be useful because it helps people see that education for nursing really starts to open up and we started learning new things about it every year. Things being sanitary helped a lot, and after all the wars people realized that nurses are more than just cleaning ladies, and that they can actually help. The late 1800’s really helped open the eyes of all the people that looked down on it.

This time period being covered was really interesting to me because of how much was changed. New schools were supplying education for nurses, as well as African American nurses. It was super awesome to see that that was one of the bigger milestones to help people see that nursing is important and education is good to have along with it.



Nursing in the 1860’s and 1870’s

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This time period I studied this week was a very important time for hospitals and the government to realize that nurses were in need of some training to help them understand what they were doing, instead of just throwing them in the job and hoping they learn. There were many schools created to help teach nurses, and Florence Nightingale was actually one of the many people who created a school for nurses in 1860. 

Also, Dorothea Dix had a big impact on becoming a leader in the nursing field at this time also. She was 59 at this time, and she went into the hospitals and made it orderly, as well as made a strict dress code for the nurses there. She helped the hospital become better, as well as brought in many new nurses.

This information will be good for me to utilize because it is important to know that this time period was where nursing education came from, as well as where hospitals were realizing they needed more educated staff and organized facilities. It is good to know that education for nursing has been around for so long, and it has continued to improve and grow nation wide.

I feel like this time period was brief, but it also had a lot of good information about it. There were many things that happened that really matter in nursing today, and it is good to look more into this instead of always wondering how it came about!



Nursing in the 1830’s – 1850’s


Some interesting things I learned about this time period this week was that in the beginning of the 1800’s (it doesn’t specify a year) is when Midwives came about! They did more than just help deliver babies, like they do now, they also helped practice medicine while the doctors were out helping the wounded soldiers in war. Midwives have a lot of controversy now because of their schooling, but I think it is really awesome that back then is when they came about and helped people. Also, in 1845 Homeopathy (definition: “was a reaction to “heroic” medicine. Its foundation was nutrition, exercise, minimal medicine, and, interestingly enough, human relationships.”) became a competitor to regular medicine. People were finding it better than regular medicine since some of the medicines were so toxic that they could kill you, and they found it better for them to die from the disease than to die from the medicine that was trying to cure you.

We also watched a documentary on Florence Nightingale, she helped a lot in the nursing aspect of cleanliness. She decided to scrub down and keep clean the hospital she was working at, and it helped drastically drop the death toll. She also had a big help with female nurses back in the 1800’s. She was apart of the group of nurses that were sent out to help care for the wounded soldiers, and she was one of the main nurses out there for a long time. I think it’s awesome she helped bring one of the biggest parts of nursing to help out how it is today.

To me it is good to know all this information, it helps have a new outlook on how I see certain things. Medicine wasn’t always a cure, and midwives are a good help with things today also. I feel like all the information I learned helps me see that in the 1800’s, it definitely wasn’t how it’s like today.

This time period was really cool to cover, it seemed to be sort of the beginning of a really good finding to help us in the medical field want to help and heal people. I personally really enjoyed learning it all, and I can’t wait to see what is happens in the following years!



Nursing in the 1800 – 1829

Hello people!

Some interesting things I found out this week was that A LOT happened in this small amount of years. A program was made to help nurse the poor at home, a psychiatric ward in Philadelphia that was once closed to new people opened their doors for new patients,  Jensey Snow (who was a former slave) opened up a hospital in Virginia, and Florence Nightingale was born!

I think it is good to know that this was the time where a lot of things came about, and it was becoming more clear to people that there was more help needed than what was offered. Florence Nightingale also had a big impact on women nurses in the military, as well as making a big deal about how hospitals NEEDED to be more clean in order for people to heal better. It was a small amount of time, but it was necessary for how things are now. Not that people wouldn’t have realized that cleanliness is key in healing people, but it was a big reason for why she is remembered.

This time period was brief, but good. I personally think that is was a small, but also huge step for people that realized that just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve medical treatment. And let’s not forget people being able to get into a once closed psychiatric ward, I think that is awesome. Helping people is always a fun time.