Nursing in 1880 – 1899


Some interesting things I found out about this time period being studied was that it was definitely the final stepping stone to help out education for nursing. Universities and other colleges were opening up programs to everyone, and there are some that also opened their doors to African American nurses. This was a big time for education, even though it has definitely been revised to how it is now over the years.  The first textbook for nursing was wrote and published in 1885 by Clara S. Weeks Shaw, that was a milestone for nurses everywhere to get the help they needed if they had any questions about certain topics.

To me this information will be useful because it helps people see that education for nursing really starts to open up and we started learning new things about it every year. Things being sanitary helped a lot, and after all the wars people realized that nurses are more than just cleaning ladies, and that they can actually help. The late 1800’s really helped open the eyes of all the people that looked down on it.

This time period being covered was really interesting to me because of how much was changed. New schools were supplying education for nurses, as well as African American nurses. It was super awesome to see that that was one of the bigger milestones to help people see that nursing is important and education is good to have along with it.



Nursing in the 1860’s and 1870’s

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This time period I studied this week was a very important time for hospitals and the government to realize that nurses were in need of some training to help them understand what they were doing, instead of just throwing them in the job and hoping they learn. There were many schools created to help teach nurses, and Florence Nightingale was actually one of the many people who created a school for nurses in 1860. 

Also, Dorothea Dix had a big impact on becoming a leader in the nursing field at this time also. She was 59 at this time, and she went into the hospitals and made it orderly, as well as made a strict dress code for the nurses there. She helped the hospital become better, as well as brought in many new nurses.

This information will be good for me to utilize because it is important to know that this time period was where nursing education came from, as well as where hospitals were realizing they needed more educated staff and organized facilities. It is good to know that education for nursing has been around for so long, and it has continued to improve and grow nation wide.

I feel like this time period was brief, but it also had a lot of good information about it. There were many things that happened that really matter in nursing today, and it is good to look more into this instead of always wondering how it came about!



Nursing in the 1830’s – 1850’s


Some interesting things I learned about this time period this week was that in the beginning of the 1800’s (it doesn’t specify a year) is when Midwives came about! They did more than just help deliver babies, like they do now, they also helped practice medicine while the doctors were out helping the wounded soldiers in war. Midwives have a lot of controversy now because of their schooling, but I think it is really awesome that back then is when they came about and helped people. Also, in 1845 Homeopathy (definition: “was a reaction to “heroic” medicine. Its foundation was nutrition, exercise, minimal medicine, and, interestingly enough, human relationships.”) became a competitor to regular medicine. People were finding it better than regular medicine since some of the medicines were so toxic that they could kill you, and they found it better for them to die from the disease than to die from the medicine that was trying to cure you.

We also watched a documentary on Florence Nightingale, she helped a lot in the nursing aspect of cleanliness. She decided to scrub down and keep clean the hospital she was working at, and it helped drastically drop the death toll. She also had a big help with female nurses back in the 1800’s. She was apart of the group of nurses that were sent out to help care for the wounded soldiers, and she was one of the main nurses out there for a long time. I think it’s awesome she helped bring one of the biggest parts of nursing to help out how it is today.

To me it is good to know all this information, it helps have a new outlook on how I see certain things. Medicine wasn’t always a cure, and midwives are a good help with things today also. I feel like all the information I learned helps me see that in the 1800’s, it definitely wasn’t how it’s like today.

This time period was really cool to cover, it seemed to be sort of the beginning of a really good finding to help us in the medical field want to help and heal people. I personally really enjoyed learning it all, and I can’t wait to see what is happens in the following years!



Nursing in the 1800 – 1829

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Some interesting things I found out this week was that A LOT happened in this small amount of years. A program was made to help nurse the poor at home, a psychiatric ward in Philadelphia that was once closed to new people opened their doors for new patients,  Jensey Snow (who was a former slave) opened up a hospital in Virginia, and Florence Nightingale was born!

I think it is good to know that this was the time where a lot of things came about, and it was becoming more clear to people that there was more help needed than what was offered. Florence Nightingale also had a big impact on women nurses in the military, as well as making a big deal about how hospitals NEEDED to be more clean in order for people to heal better. It was a small amount of time, but it was necessary for how things are now. Not that people wouldn’t have realized that cleanliness is key in healing people, but it was a big reason for why she is remembered.

This time period was brief, but good. I personally think that is was a small, but also huge step for people that realized that just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve medical treatment. And let’s not forget people being able to get into a once closed psychiatric ward, I think that is awesome. Helping people is always a fun time.



Nursing in the 1700’s and 1800’s

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This week for my nursing class we were discussing the 1700’s-1800’s. Some interesting things I learned about this time period was that men were originally the only ones who have helped out in the war when it came to being nurses. It wasn’t until George Washington requested that females come and work as nurses that it changed. How interesting it would be to see that now, since being a male nurse in this time period is sometimes made fun of or weird to some people (Which it totally isn’t, but a lot of people do still think so). Some other things I learned was that the first hospital was opened up in 1751, but so many people still didn’t go to them because they preferred home healthcare instead. If you said that now, people would think you were nuts! Hospitals are the best place to be when you’re seriously ill.

A way I will utilize this information I learned is to never judge someone who wants to become a nurse (I clearly won’t since I am becoming one, but it’s still good to know!), and to make sure that others as well know that it is a great opportunity to get into, helping people is a GREAT skill, no matter which level of the medical field you/they choose! HELPING PEOPLE IS GOOD.

I feel like so much happened in this time period that not a lot of people realize. Like the first hospital built and female nurses being brought into the medical field when they originally weren’t. It’s cool to see how things have changed after all these years, and I’m super excited to research more about it!



Nursing in the 1500’s and 1600’s

Some things that I found interesting in this time period was how the medical practice has changed so drastically over hundreds of years. In the 1500’s they believed that the moon and stars position determined how the medical diagnoses and how a medical practice would turn out. By law, they had to check before every complicated medical procedure where the moons placement was, to try and infer the outcome of it. They also had a diagram of a “Zodiac Man” to see where the placement of the stars matched up in the body to certain body parts. They looked a lot into herbal remedies, magic, and some use of medicine to try and heal them when they became ill. A lot of it is still used in this day and age, but a lot more of it is used with medicine and not so much with the other remedies from back then. 

I feel like with me, I will utilize this information by making sure that I do not judge others by how they want to practice medicine in their own times. I have noticed, especially now, that herbal medicine is making a come back. People are using that almost as much as they are using actual medicine, because they feel it is what heels them best. This new knowledge will help me have an open mind with how people want to go about healing and making themselves be as comfortable as they want to be.

I feel like this time period was really interesting to go back and research into. Not a lot of people realize that back then, there really was no set way of healing. There were a lot of beliefs and hopes, as well as a lot of deaths for things that seem simple to us now to heal or fix. It truly has come a LONG way, and I think it is really cool to compare then to now.


What this blog is about

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My name is Sadie Price, I am a UVU student going into the nursing field (yipee!) and my main focus in it will be Pediatrics. I have always loved working with kids, I have recently done a clinical working with children and it has reinforced my thought on going into Pediatrics! I am super excited to be able to get there and see where the rest takes me!

The main focus on this blog will be about my  understanding of a class I am taking, Nursing Through the Ages. It’s a class that goes over the history of nursing and how it came to where it is today! I’m super excited to explain it to you all and hopefully I will be able to help you understand it as well!

Thanks for reading, and can’t wait to share more with you later!